Decorum Explores: Valentine’s Day!

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner (it’s this Friday, if you’d forgotten) the world seems to have gone mad for red roses, heart shaped balloons and fancy dinner reservations. At Decorum, however, we do things a little differently. We’ve gone mad for digital marketing campaigns.

Here are our favourites:

burberry kisses Daily Decorum Burberry Kisses, Valentine

Burberry Kisses

“Send a letter sealed with your kiss” says Burberry – basically meaning kiss your screen, send your ‘kiss’ (complete with choice of Burberry lipstick colour, of course) via e-mail to anyone in the world, and voila, Valentine’s Day is sorted. Alternatively, you can ‘explore the world of kisses,’ which allows you to have a nosey at who is sending who a kiss across the globe. It’s a good way to spend five spare minutes, if nothing else. We like it.

love your story not on the high street daily decorum valentines day love your story not on the high street daily decorum

Love: Your Story, Not On The High Street

A very cute digital campaign that asks people to speak of their loved one, and captures it on film. Also incorporates Instagram, Twitter (the campaign has it’s own hashtag, naturally #loveyourstory) and Pinterest. We love digital, and think the clever use of it in this instant is something to boast about. Also we think this ‘love note’ featured on the site is cute: “I was Brenda’s milkman. One day, I said ‘I’ll take you out’ and left my number – and she rang.”

Heineken date in a box Daily Decorum Valentines Day Heineken date in a box Daily Decorum

Date In A Box, Heineken 

And last but not least, one for the boys. We like this one because it’s funny. A love note in a box forcing your partner to ‘show his softer side,’ and probably embarrass himself in the process? Brilliant. And who wants to bet the reward is beer…

What are you doing this Valentine’s Day? If you’re London based and ‘feline lonely,’ can we suggest the cat cuddling booths at Battersea Dogs&Cats Home?

Battersea Cat Cuddling Day - Daily Decorum Valentine

You’re welcome.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

(images 1-7 via campaigns, via 8 via Battersea Dogs & Cats Home)

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