Decorum Loves: Tubes Radiatori

I do have a soft spot for all things Italian: food, wine, weather, art, the language… And now I can add radiators to this list. Tubes Radiatori is an Italian brand specialising in tube radiators with energy-saving qualities. They caught my eye immediately with their quirkier designs, turning radiators into decorative home pieces.

Daily Decorum - Tubes Radiators

Daily Decorum - Tubes Radiators

Their Elements range, thanks to the removal of valves, allows their radiators to float on the walls and get away from being purely utilitarian.  You can shape your own add-on model, from a number of 12 x 24 cm elements. The finished look reminds me of a beehive!

Daily Decorum - Tubes Radiators

While the Basics collection provides us with more traditional radiator designs, the Extras range adds a modern twist to the classics, with a play of colours, shapes and textures. This is the collection with the most interesting designs, so I was a bit disappointed to find out these are recommended mostly for children’s bedrooms! The Pallottoliere model forms an outline of a big abacus with its coloured wooden rings randomly arranged on the horizontal steel elements of the radiator.

Daily Decorum - Tubes Radiators


The Matitone model was inspired by children’s crayons with its coloured wooden tips arranged on the vertical tubular elements of this design. While suggested for use in a child’s space again, I’m sure there are plenty of commercial spaces to which Mattitone and Pallottoliere will add often much-needed playfulness and colour!

You can shop for Tubes radiators on the Architonic website.

Little Luxuries: Layered Candle from Jo Loves

Like most journalists in my industry, I’ve been given enough scented candles in my time to open a shop. And it’s through these very generous gifts that I learned the value of the expensive scented candle. Because, dear readers, not all scented candles are made the same. Cheap scented candles live up to their name – cheap – by being sickly, ineffectual and short-lasting. In fact, there’s nothing that turns my stomach more now than a cheap scented candle. Yes, it’s a #firstworldproblem alright.

Anyway, for a long time I’ve relied on Jo Malone‘s candles (Red Roses, since you ask), because, well, like everyone else I knew that the name Jo Malone was synonymous with quality.

But I learnt last week that Jo Malone The Person is no longer owned or run or in any way affiliated with Jo Malone The Company. The lady herself actually sold her eponymous creation to Estee Lauder a few years ago. She’s since been quietly working away on her latest venture, Jo Loves, the first boutique of which opened in Belgravia last October.

If you can get to London, I highly recommend a visit!

But anyway, onto the point of this post – presenting this week’s Little Luxury…


The beautiful Lemongrass, Amber & Tiare Flower layered candle is the first of its kind – combining three different fragrances, layered on top of one another. As the candle burns, each scent is revealed, until eventually all three combine to create a unique fragrance. A combination of sparkling and exotic lemongrass is followed by warm, caramel amber that blends smoothly into rich and creamy tiare flower.

Each Jo Loves Layered Scented Candle is accompanied by a silver and glass candle lid and comes gift boxed within the signature Jo Loves packaging. The candles are hand-poured in England, and burn for approximately 60 hours.

At £75, they’re not cheap, but, as I said earlier, trust me, that’s a good thing…

If you can’t get to the store to experience their unique ‘Fragrance Tapas’ experience (we won’t spoil the surprise) then don’t worry – all the products in the range, which includes a stunning collection of perfumes as well as bath colognes and body creams, are available to buy online.

Decorum Loves: 22° 36° 48° bowl

As Decorum is currently an all-female office, we can get a little carried away by animal-themed products and possibly overlook the more industrial pieces that land in our inboxes. The 22° 36° 48° bowl, however, grabbed our attention straight away, with its simple, beautiful design.

You might wonder why it’s called the 22° 36° 48°. The answer lies in the three possible angles at which the bowl can be positioned.

In the words of its designer, Jim Rokos: ‘At 22 degrees, the bowl holds its contents modestly. It becomes more inviting when tilted to 36 degrees. And, at 48 degrees, it flaunts its contents for you to share.’


The secret to the bowl’s design lies in the fact is has not one, but three bases, all of which have been cleverly incorporated into the aesthetics of the piece.


The 22° 36° 48° is made from double-walled, welded stainless steel, and its highly reflective surface means that objects in the bowl are mirrored – meaning it is effectively brought to life by its contents.


The bowl has already been featured on posters on the London Underground and is now for sale in Paul Smith‘s Mayfair boutique.We think it’s the kind of thing that would be the perfect gift for the person who has everything…

Decorum Explores: Beautility

As those of you who follow our agency news will already know, we recently started working with Sebastian Conran on his contemporary homewares brand, Universal Expert. Universal Expert specialises in thoughtful, innovative solutions for contemporary intelligent living. In a nutshell: products that work well and look great too.

And on that note… we’re very excited to announce the launch of his new design movement, Beautility. You may have already seen us tweeting about it.


So what is beautility exactly? Let us explain…

Sebastian believes that just because something looks good, it doesn’t mean it can’t work well. And vice versa.

Beautility believes that objects can be both functional and attractive. That one does not have to be sacrificed for the other. That form and function can go hand in hand. And that objects should be designed to last, using natural materials where possible.

In order to spread his message, Sebastian has put together the attached quote cards… If you agree with the message, feel free to Pin and share them across your social media!





beautility10_dailydecorum beautility3_dailydecorum




Hopefully some of these thoughts will resonate with you, as they have with us.

In order to help spread this positive design message further, we’ve organised a Thunderclap campaign. Do please visit the page and add your support!

The campaign will culminate on 4 September, when we’ll take it to Twitter for a live chat with Sebastian Conran  discussing how beautility has shaped his life and can help you shape yours.

To join the chat at 8pm BST on 4 September, simply search for #beautility on Twitter and join the discussion.

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