Decorum Loves: Crafts

At Decorum we love all our clients like they’re our children, but we’re really excited about our latest one, The Handmade Fair.  The fair is a massive event dedicated to crafting, held at Hampton Court in September and headed up by Queen of Crafting, Kirstie Allsopp (her official title).

It’s got us reminiscing about our younger years, when Pritt Stick reigned supreme, macaroni was a viable art form and pompoms were the height of creativity. We’ve still got a secret soft spot for crafting and thanks to The Handmade Fair it’s been fully reignited!

The fair has loads of workshops going on over the weekend in different categories, so we thought we’d showcase some of our favourite crafts from each, made by us and by actual crafting professionals….


Papercuts are one of the crafts that absolutely baffle us – how do they make such tiny patterns so neatly? The details on this wild bird print we found on Etsy is amazing!


Exhibiting at The Handmade Fair, we love Charlotte Bezzant’s delicate silver jewellery. The Arctic Twig collection is our favourite, but she also has some cute Arctic Animals and Button necklaces.


Textiles and Yarning
Nothing says crafting like crochet – our very own Justyna made this knitted beauty, which is actually quite impressive…


Did we mention Justyna is a very talented illustrator too? We’re loving her trippy geometric flowers series and animals at the moment!


Upcycled furniture is pretty hot right now, partly thanks to Decorum favourites Out of the Dark. A charitable enterprise that takes unloved furniture, spruces them up and brings them into the present, we love their bright colours and ethos.


Food Decoration
Who doesn’t love a crafty-inspired cupcake? Our favourite London cake house is Crumbs and Doilies, who will adorn their cupcakes with everything from Minions to bacon & eggs (and they do vegan and gluten-free, which is a necessity for us).

Decorum Explores: Glamping

As a group of girls that enjoy hot running water and working hair straighteners, camping has never been high on our to-do list.  That is, until we (along with the rest of the world, uh hum) discovered the wonder that is glamping. When you take away sleeping on the floor, freezing to death in front of a tiny fire and a lack of shower facilities, and replace it with a comfortable bed, nice lighting and comfort in nature, things actually seem quite appealing…

Daily Decorum glamping

Quirky, well lit and boasting vibrant colours, this ‘glampsite’ in particular has caught our eye. Designed by ArchiWorkshop and based in Korea, the ‘tents’ (can you even call them that?) feature a sizeable bed, kitchenette and outdoor sitting area.

Daily Decorum. glamping Daily Decorum glamping. luxury camping in Korea

According to the architect: “Glamping Architecture by ArchiWorkshop offers a unique camping experience. Two types of Glamping units with contemporary design positioned in the middle of gentle Korean nature. From the Glamping site, you have a view of the valley, miles of forest and the stream.”

Daily Decorum glamping in Korea

Inside, the tents contain custom-made folding furniture, and vibrant murals by a local artist. They’re water-resistant, fire-retardant and UV-proof. They’re even eco friendly.

Daily Decorum glamping. luxury camping Daily Decorum  glamping

Our only issue is the direct view of the bed from the outside – do we really want other campers to see us in our nighties? Oh, and we live around 12 hours away, which could be a problem…

Daily Decorum camping in Korea

As far as glamping goes, and as far as we’re concerned, ArchiWorkshop could be onto a winner. However, taking into account travel time and the costs that would incur, we might be better off sticking with something in England. A ‘camping pod’ in Cornwall, perhaps. Or maybe we should just go for a five-star hotel…

Decorum turns one!

It’s Decorum’s first birthday today! We can’t believe we’ve been running for 12 months already. It’s true, time flies when you’re working hard…

In order to celebrate our first birthday, we had a lovely team night out last week – singing karaoke at a ridiculously early hour. Note to self: turning up at Lucky Voice only to hear the lady at reception say to her colleague ‘the day’s first group is here’ is quite embarrassing. Especially when it’s still light outside, and you’re stone cold sober. But anyway, a few bottles of prosecco later, we were all happily getting into the swing of it…



As well as our team night out, we celebrated our birthday with a relaunch of our website. The yellow is gone! We hope you like the new look – we’re really pleased with it, as it shows how we’ve evolved and grown since we first launched, and reflects the luxury lifestyle focus of our business. We are very lucky to work with such fabulous clients, with such brilliant images that really bring the feel of our work to life.

To celebrate our birthday, we thought it would be nice to share with you the most interesting facts about Decorum! Some of which may be slightly embarrassing…

• Decorum was founded by Charlotte Duckworth and Justyna Sowa who met while working for Decorex International.

• Despite not knowing each other that well (they sat nowhere near each other in their old jobs), Charlotte and Justyna agreed to set up a company together at the Southbank’s Nandos.

• From day 1, Decorum was fully self-funded.


• As well as being a social media guru, Justyna is a talented illustrator, and has held an exhibition of her work in the past.


• Meanwhile, as well as being a journalist, Charlotte Duckworth has written a novel.

• We moved into a ‘new’ office in January this year – The Old Church!

• After 8 busy months, we became a team of four!


• When Charlotte Duckworth and Charlotte Morgan are left alone in the office, the conversation always turns to cats (Charlotte M’s puss Charlie above).

• 99% of the conversation in the office is about food, fitness, cats and ‘critiquing’ blogs.

• Julia and Charlotte Duckworth sing along incessantly to the radio.

• The Decorum team is an eclectic mix of vegan, dairy-free, veg-free and gluten-intolerant.


• Julia is a bit obsessed with post-its – she has 13 on the go at the moment.

• We’ve worked with 53 design companies since launching (no wonder we needed a bigger team!)

Thanks so much to everyone who’s supported us in our first year! Let’s hope next year is as exciting as the last…

April 15, 2014 - 1:01 pm

mary - Well done guys

April 15, 2014 - 1:23 pm

dailyd - Thanks Mary!

Take It or Leave It: The Tropical Foliage Trend

Ever since our client Harlequin London noted it as a trend from Maison et Objet in January, we’ve been noticing tropical foliage everywhere. Spring usually means florals, florals, florals, but palm trees, banana leaves and even pineapples are cropping up all over the place in interiors this year, lending a SoCal-Morrocan-Bahamas-y vibe to people’s homes.

Like with many interiors trends, it started somewhere in fashion last summer and has made its way into homes too by way of wallpaper, curtains and even tableware. We can’t decide whether we love it or hate it – we kind of love it in the bathroom, but we may have to move somewhere warmer to pull it off completely…

Here are some of our favourite spots from the world wide web – what do you think of the trend?


If you fancy your own tropical bathroom, this Cole & Son wallpaper comes in loads of different colour combinations.


Soft furnishings are a nice way to have a little bit of the trend in your home (and easily changeable) – we love these banana leaf cushions on Etsy and this palm print rug


Palm frond porcelain tableware, Sieger by Fuerstenberg


If you’d rather have the real deal you can always put actual palm leaves somewhere…


And if the green isn’t really your colour for clothing, try this monochrome style from See by Chloe or some pink palms from Mother of Pearl.


Or just make like House of Hackney and go for all-palm-everything.

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April 15, 2014 - 1:35 pm

Samantha - I love the POP palm tree print, it creates a wonderful exotic touch to the home. How can you not love our Escape to Paradise Palm Tree cushions all the way from Australia? Palm Tree Power!