Take it or Leave it: Animal Heads

I think we can all agree that when it comes to crimes against wildlife – and crimes against good taste – the introduction of animal heads as decor has a lot to answer for. Surely, there’s no excuse for festooning your walls with real hunting trophies unless you’re either a nineteenth-century nobleman or Sarah Palin.

But a few years ago, the classic stag’s head suddenly returned with a modern, critter-friendly twist as resin versions started appearing in high-street shops across the country. It multiplied, and before you could say “put down that shotgun”, there were aluminium, cardboard and even woollen deer heads popping up all over the place.

But is it a good look or will we one day look back on the animal-head fashion with the same horror we currently have for lava lamps and Artex ceilings? Let’s see…

Lushome With its abundance of taxidermy, this is one scheme guaranteed to put you off your supper. Poor Fido must be wondering whether he’ll be added to the dining room decor when his time is up.


For something less realistic (and arguably less likely to give you nightmares), West Elm has these papier-mache sculptures handmade by artisans in Haiti from recycled materials, and the range includes everything from giraffes to hippos.


Even children can get involved with the heads of exotic stuffed toys from Graham and Green


…And don’t forget that nothing will lull baby off to a soothing sleep like a disembodied head (or three) looming over their cot.


For the cautious, this wall decal from Etsy is a little more low-key than a full-on 3D number.


And if a stag’s head is too subtle for you, and you want it to look like a furious metal rhino is charging its way into your living room right this second? Graham and Green have just the thing…

What do you think? Are you wild about animal heads or will your walls be staying trophy free?

Decorum Loves: The Handmade Fair

Last weekend marked a special occasion: the very first Handmade Fair. Having worked on this account for many months now, we were completely invested in the event, and had high hopes. We weren’t disappointed.

daily decorum the handmade fair kirstie allsopp

According to the official website “The Handmade Fair puts learning and making at the heart of your day. Along with Kirstie (Allsopp) and our expert makers, we want to get Britain crafting! Everyone has a craft they can do and the fair will inspire you to find and refine yours.”

The gates opened on Friday to screams from overexcited crafters, ready three days of creating, shopping, and sweet treats. Kirstie herself cut the ribbon to mark the occasion, much to the delight of the crowd, marking the start of a great weekend.

daily decorum decorum media handmade fair

As The Handmade Fair’s official social media representatives, we were busy tweeting, facebooking and instagramming our way around the fair, as 11,321 visitors indulged in all of the crafty goodness.

The fair benefitted from some great attractions – two shopping villages, numerous discussions with industry experts, and several delicious food stalls. There was much excitement over the duck fat chips being sold by The Duck Truck, and everyone loved the Eat Toast Dunk Me marshmallows being sold on the Yumbles stand.

daily decorum handmade fair

The reaction to the fair on Twitter and Facebook was enormous, with glowing reviews coming in every few minutes. A visitor favourite was the Super Theatre, with an especially strong reaction to Kirstie’s chat with Cath Kidston.

Personally, we loved visiting the show sponsors. Radley were on hand with a VIP lounge (featuring the giant Radley topiary dog, of course) and 20% off handbags. Lush were giving away free massages courtesy of the Lush Spa, and Yumbles had a cake pop making workshop that we just couldn’t resist.

handmade fair daily decorum decorum media

All in all, the first ever Handmade Fair was a success, and we were very pleased to be a part of it!

See you there next year?

Decorum Loves: TOG

Philippe Starck, bold shapes and vivid colours – what else could we ask for from a furniture collection? Full customisation – the holy grail of today’s interiors market, cherishing our individualism and love of bespoke.

TOG ticks all of the boxes – it’s a collaborative furniture project ‘All Creators TOGether’, which launched exclusively in Heal’s Tottenham Court Road as part of the London Design Festival, and the unveiling of the store’s new Designer Furniture floor.


Philippe Starck, Ambroise Maggiar and Nicola Rapetti are only some of the great designers who are part of the collaboration - its main ethos is to create a collaborative network between its designers and customers. All TOG pieces are fully customisable, like the Misa Joy chair – its backrest comprises of stretch elastic bands, which customers can buy in store and mix and match to their taste.




If we couldn’t get excited enough about all the customisation options, it has to be said that the ‘naked’ pieces are design icons in the making. Available on Heal’s website to buy online, they have striking, contemporary shapes, come in vibrant colours and sometimes are even playful, like the Os Hen Bench by Dai Sugasawa or children’s Castable table and stool set by Ambroise Maggiar.

Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 11.03.32

Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 11.03.46

And if our praises are not enough, simply search Twitter for #toglondon and you’ll see that the whole industry is falling in love with this new design collaboration.


Decorum Explores: London Design Festival

London Design Festival 2014 begins tomorrow, and we’re pretty excited about it. Made up of over 300 events and exhibitions across the city, the festival is one of the world’s most important annual design events, and is not one to be missed. Of course, we’ll be there, and ahead of the event we’ve put together a list of the things we’re most looking forward to seeing…
Daily Decorum London Design Week
This collaboration - between designers Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby, and BMW – is exactly our taste. Memorable, quirky, and housed in the V&A’s Raphael Gallery. What more could we want? Daily Decorum London Design Week pussy cats Here at Decorum, cats are a big deal. Two of us have our own, and a third is taking her first tentative steps toward choosing a furry friend. It is understandable, then, that we are drawn to the Studio Job Pussy Cats at Carpenters Workshop Gallery. “Frozen by the alchemy of bronze,” the cats “form a range of fascinating black feline sculptures lit by a pair of fierce eyes.” We’re fans. london design festival daily decorum Any and all new developments from Timorous Beasties are guaranteed to pique our interest. This latest collection, showing at Sim Smith Gallery, is no exception. In a vibrant collaboration with artist Jonathan McCree, the popular brand are sharing three new collage themes – Birdsong, Gum Landscape and Toile. We love them all. Daily Decorum London Design Week habitat design reunion When we heard news of Habitat stores closing a few years back, we were very upset about it. When we found that they were still online, our sadness was lessened. We’ve been keeping an eye on the brand since, and the Design Reunion exhibition – put together to celebrate 50 year’s of Habitat – is high on our must see list. Daily Decorum London Design Week

Last but not least, we have the Create to Live workshop, which “explores the life of a designer-maker and the beauty of natural materials.” Intriguing…

Will you be attending London Design Festival this year?

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