Decorum Explores: Isla & Eden

I have never really been into yoga (or piña coladas, or getting caught in the rain), but since I met Natalie Wells, of luxury wallcovering supplier Isla & Eden, I’ve had to give it a bit more thought.


As a purveyor of fine wallcoverings, Isla & Eden is built on a philosophy of authenticity, contemporary timelessness and mindful luxury. I’m not going to pretend that I didn’t look up the definition of mindfulness. It is a word I have heard used in a variety of contexts but I’m not actually sure what it means.


As well as co-founding Isla & Eden, Natalie Wells teaches kundalini yoga. Often known as ‘the yoga of awareness’, it’s easy to see how Natalie’s passion for kundalini yoga has influenced Isla & Eden.


Isla & Eden provide easy access to luxury wallcoverings, from brands such as Fromental, De Gournay, Pierre Frey and Élitis, that were previously only available to interior designers and industry professionals. This allows the customer to focus purely on the beauty and quality of the product.


Having a background in luxury interiors products, I’ve seen how the convoluted purchasing process (often involving two or three ‘middle-men’) can cloud judgement when making final choices. It’s inspiring to see how Natalie’s yoga has influenced the way she does business and how it allows her customers to make more mindful decisions.


I’m a big fan of statement wallcoverings and beautiful colours in the home. Natalie Wells has curated a gorgeous selection of brands, and I have definitely picked out some favourites from their latest collections. Right at the top of my list is Fromental’s Floribunda chinoiserie in the kilburn colourway.


Like what you see? You can keep up with Isla & Eden on their blog!

Decorum Loves: Blendworth’s Parador range

Having been told the other day that my geo-print dress made me look like a ‘lovely Moroccan tile’ – not necessarily the look I was going for – I was very excited to discover that Blendworth‘s new Parador collection takes its inspiration from none other than Moroccan tiles and Moorish architecture. Turns out I’m more on-trend than I’d realised.

Montoro from Parador range

The Parador collection is named after paradores, boutique Spanish hotels located in historic buildings such as restored castles and monasteries. They are known for their exquisite craftsmanship and beautiful displays of colour and pattern in their interiors. The small-scale pattern of Montoro reflects this heritage perfectly, bringing to mind the geometrical designs of zellige mosaic tilework.

Almonte from Parador collection

We love the contemporary feel of the Almonte basket weave – it’s an accessible and versatile pattern that could be inserted easily into a scheme without making too much noise (but if it’s noise you’re after, the 10 colour choices include fiery red, fuchsia, bright green and deep indigo).

Arcos from Parador collection

Last but not least is Arcos, a heavy, rustic-looking weave whose durability makes it ideal for re-covering favourite pieces. It comes in eight colourways – this bold red/pink shade is a firm favourite in the office. We love the way it complements the soft gold of Almonte.

Chairs covered in Parador collection

Parador cushion stack

The clever people at Blendworth have made sure that the three weaves coordinate beautifully with one another, so we can mix and match with impunity. Whether you choose a muted palette or something with a little more zing, the effects can be striking.

The Parador collection will be available at all Blendworth stockists and distributors from 11th May.

– Polly

April 24, 2015 - 3:53 pm

Urszula Juziuczuk @ Fifi De Lyon - Interesting post. I noticed how too many/so many/a lot of brands are using that iconic cocktail chair……… Did you also notice it!?

April 27, 2015 - 10:55 am

dailyd - It’s a very versatile shape!

Decorum Loves: Timorous Beasties cushions at Liberty

As we’ve mentioned before, the Decorum team are all big fans of Liberty London, and of Timorous Beasties. When the two pair up to create an exclusive range, it’s all we can do not to buy everything on offer. The current line of Ex Libris bee velvet cushions are testing our willpower…

Now a multi-award winning, internationally acclaimed design icon, Timorous Beasties began life in Glasgow in 1990, and has since gone from strength to strength.

With an approach to work that ‘embodies a unique diversity of pattern, ranging from design that echoes a golden age of copperplate engraving (a time-honoured classic is the Thistle range; or Merian Palm superwide wallpaper) to examples of a distinctly edgy nature, an elegant transgression, a display of chic irreverence,’ Timorous Beasties are a brand worth watching, and one the design world has been keeping its eye on for years.

Daily Decorum Timorous Beasties Liberty London

Bringing something new to the table, the new collection for Liberty features pieces in three vibrant colourways – pink, teal and orange – each with a large golden bee dominating the design.

Cited as ‘a cosy companion for any living space’ the cushions benefit from concealed zip fastenings, and are 100% cotton pile. We’re tempted to take one in each colour…

Daily Decorum Timorous Beasties Liberty London

What do you think? Are you a fan of the new Timorous Beasties cushions for Liberty?

Decorum Explores: The Perfect Tea and Coffee Set

Tea or coffee? Which one can’t you imagine going through a day without? For those of you thinking ‘wine’, you do have a point as well…

For me a day starts with a cup of black coffee, made in an Italian moka pot – remove that from my day and I’m lost. And while it’s all about the taste of our tea and coffee, the experience is richer depending on the cup we’re drinking from. Choosing an elegant, small, or a big and bold, cup, turns our daily habit into a moment of celebration.

Thanks to Harlequin London and their vast knowledge of luxury tableware, I found five unique tea and coffee sets:

  1. Silver Time 

harlequin london christofle silver time

harlequin london christofle silver tiem 2

Christofle’s Silver Time is a collection designed by Jean-Marie Massaud, reminiscent of a clean-cut laboratory. From the teapot to sugar bowl, all items are silver-plated, contemporary in design, with their form clearly following function. The Tea Fountain is the iconic piece from the collection and my favourite.

  1. Monochrome Ca’ d’Oro

harlequin longon sieger fuerstenberg ca d oro 2

harlequin longon sieger fuerstenberg ca d oro

If the only ‘colours’ in your repertoire are black and white and you’re not offended by a touch of gold, you’ll fall in love with the Ca’ d’Oro collection from Sieger by Fuerstenberg. The porcelain collection is minimalist and opulent at the same time, with its bold geometric patterns inspired by a Venetian Palazzo of the name Ca’ d’Oro (‘the Golden House’). It’s a bold look, that’s bound to give you as much of a morning kick as your beverage does.

  1. Oriental Emperor’s Garden

harlequin london sieger by fuerstenberg emperors garden

harlequin london sieger by fuerstenberg emperors garden 2

The Emperor’s Garden is a tableware collection inspired by the art of Chinese porcelain manufacture, featuring bold colours and hand-gilded organic motifs. Designed by Michael Sieger for Sieger by Fuerstenberg, the collection pays special attention to the shapes and dimensions of every design, to create a balanced, peaceful experience.

  1. Quirky Ciel Bleu 

harlequin london sieger fuerstenberg ciel bleu

harlequin london Sieger by Fuerstenberg Ciel Bleu 2

Ciel Bleu is by far my favourite teaset, for a number of reasons. First and foremost – it takes inspiration from Rene Magritte, who’s one of my favourite painters. The set features hand-painted sky and a 24-carat gold rim and decorations. What makes it even more special is that it is fully hand-painted, with a limited edition of only 20 sets available throughout the world. I can’t think of anything more enjoyable than drinking my morning cup of coffee from a blue sky cup.

  1. Peaceful Pastels 

harlequin london legle sous le soleil

harlequin london legle sous le soleil 2

Having covered four bold looks so far, we’ll end on a more delicate note – pastels. Whenever we meet the Harlequin London team, our teas and coffees are always served in Legle’s pistachio-coloured porcelain cups and I’ve fallen in love with these. While pastel colours can give a more feminine look, Legle cup shapes and designs are very simple and modern – sophisticated is the most appropriate word that comes to mind. The beauty of Sous Le Soleil collection also lays in the fact that cups and saucers are available in 30 beautiful colours, so that you can choose the one closest to your heart. I recommend this choice for ultimate beauty and simplicity.

Now that we’ve discusses tea and coffee cup designs at length, I believe it’s time to put the kettle on…

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