Decorum Loves: Andrew Martin’s Attic wallpaper collection

I’m a big fan of quirky interiors, bold ideas and expressing your personality through your home. Whether it’s by having a jungle-themed bedroom (as we do) or portraying your calm nature through white, minimalist and spacious interiors – everything works, as long as it’s close to your heart.

With our recent home renovations, we found that wallpaper is one of the best ways of adding character to your interiors. Which is why I got very excited when I discovered this particular wallpaper collection from Andrew Martin International

daily decorum andrew martin international attic wallpaper 4

The Attic wallpaper collection is inspired precisely by the connotations the attics of our homes evoke – often forgotten, but also a treasure trove of memories and secrets.

daily decorum andrew martin international attic wallpaper 3There are ten designs in the collection, with plenty of historical references, ranging from 16th century Roman and Greek architecture, the Jacobean era, the battle of Hastings and the adventures of Christopher Columbus.

daily decorum andrew martin international attic wallpaper 2

The collection also features a number of trompe l’oeil designs, featuring vintage wood panelling, or shelves filled with industrial wire baskets and buckets of paint.

daily decorum andrew martin international attic wallpaper

With its versatility of patterns and styles, hosted under one theme, the Attic collection is perfect for cosy drawing rooms and home studios, where you can relax and let your imagination run wild.

Hastings and Augustus wallpapers are my two favourite designs from the collection – what are yours?

Decorum Loves: Concrete pendants from Such & Such

One of the best parts of working with such lovely clients is being among the first to see all the fab new products they launch. And as it’s (still!) officially the gloomiest time of year, lighting is naturally at the forefront of our minds. Such an important part of any room scheme, carefully chosen lighting is critical in creating that warm, welcoming ambience we all long for in the colder months. The quirky lighting collection from online boutique Such & Such has proved extremely popular since it launched, and its newest offering, the Concrete & Bamboo pendant, looks set to be the same…


Designed by Bentu Design, an experimental design institute based in China, these concrete and bamboo pendant lights combine the beauty of natural material with the raw edge of unpolished concrete, creating a wonderful juxtaposition.


As always, these pendants would look brilliant hanging above a table or breakfast bar in groups, creating a strong focal point. The clean white flex adds an additional style note and ensures that your eye is drawn to the pendant itself. The lights are available with three different sizes of bamboo above the concrete so you can mix and match shapes to create your perfect display.


We think these concrete pendants are a welcome addition to Such & Such’s brilliant contemporary lighting range, which also includes cage lights and striking terracotta pendants. Better still, every product Such & Such sells comes with the story of its designer-maker provenance. If you’re bored of the usual high street offerings, then do take a look and be reassured that new and original designs do still exist!

Take It Or Leave It: LOLO micro kitchen

Browsing through the Decorum Twitter feed recently, we came across something unusual: the LOLO micro kitchen.

Seemingly a tiny, office sized kitchen set-up with a face, we were confused by how we felt about this discovery. Did we love it? Was it weird? Did we want one? We’re still undecided…

Daily Decorum. LOLO micro kitchen take it or leave it

Designed by Tanya Repina with Aotta Studio, the LOLO micro kitchen is described as ‘moveable’ and ‘capsular,’ and has been created for home, office and hotel use – making it a convenient solution for all environments.

Daily Decorum LOLO micro kitchen take it or leave it

The LOLO is inspired by the need for kitchen units in small spaces, with each module intended for one electrical appliance and its accessories – allowing plenty of space for cups, cutlery and, presumably, a vast collection of flavoured teas. So far so good.

Daily Decorum LOLO micro kitchen take it or leave it

At Decorum we have a compact office, and so love the idea of a self contained kitchen that can be fit easily into an interior. But what about the design? As all design fanatics do, we love a quirky twist on a standard concept. But is a kitchen made up of sleepy faces a step too far?

Daily Decorum LOLO micro kitchen take it or leave it close up

Simple and toylike, the LOLO micro-kitchen is colourful and unique, with a relaxing, friendly image. Pieces can be modified to suit individual needs, with the option of choosing your own colourways. With this in mind, we think we could probably get used to it – the faces are even starting to grow on us.

Daily Decorum. LOLO micro kitchen take it or leave itWhat do you think? Will you be welcoming a LOLO into your office space? Or is a kitchen with a face that bit too much?

Decorum Explores: Ikats

Ikats are definitely back in favour. Since the beginning of the year I have spotted them everywhere – on every other cushion from major high-street retailers (where the pattern tends to prevail) to the new use of ikats on luxury tableware.

Characteristic of Indonesia, India and central Asia, ikat is a dyeing technique used to pattern textiles, quickly recognisable thanks to its vibrant colours and organic yet geometric patterns. Ikat patterns are reminiscent of geometric shapes painted in watercolours, with the lines and edges slightly blurred and seemingly unfinished.

To interiors, ikats add vibrancy through the colours and take the edge off strict and polished interiors, thanks to their painterly and ethnic look. So what are our favourites uses of the ikat pattern in interiors today?

Hermes ikat tableware

hermes ikat tableware daily decorum 2hermes ikat tableware daily decorumVoyage en Ikat is a new tableware collection from Hermes, translating traditional ikat fabric patterns into tableware designs. The collection includes dark vibrant patterns on serving plates, colourful patterns on the white porcelain of teapots, bowls and vases as well as more delicate gold patterns on cereal bowls and butter dishes.

OKA ikat table lamps

oka ikat table lamp daily decorum

Lakor and Sulu table lamps from OKA perfectly show how ikats can be used in luxurious, sophisticated interiors, when the pattern is turned into a decorative work of art. Available in black or blue with gold, these table lamps work perfectly in both light and dark interiors schemes.

Luke Irwin ikat rugs

luke irwin ikat rug daily decorum 2

luke irwin ikat rug daily decorum

Luke Irwin’s ikat rugs are high on my list of favourites and are dream home must-haves. In essence, there are two types of ikat rugs created by Luke Irwin. First there are the vibrant and colourful ones, with clear and bold patterns. The second type, my personal favourite, are ikat rugs in muted colours, with a slightly aged look – these are subtle, yet full of character with ikat patterns peering through the mist of dark hues. silk ikat cushions

sofa dot com ikat cushions daily decorum 2sofa dot com ikat silk cushions daily decorum

This blog post wouldn’t be complete if it didn’t feature ikat cushions! My favourites are from, as they are made in silk, with a lightweight linen backing. Kadikoy and Pomegranate are my favourite designs.

 Mariska Meijers Ikat Wallpaper

mariska meiyers ikat wallpaper daily decorum

Last but not least, ikats on wallpaper, this time in an even more painterly version, thanks to Mariska Meijers. Available through Amara, this wallpaper is bound to brighten up any interior and introduce colour with its pinks, yellows and vibrant blues, or simply make interiors more dynamic and varied, with more muted patterns.

Are you convinced now, that ikats are the interiors trend of 2015?

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